audio files from Sound

audio files from Sound, Native Teachings and Visionary Art by Joseph Rael

listed here with permission from the publishers: Millichap Books:

The publishers hold the copyright on these files, which are made available here for personal use only. Please seek permission from them for any other use, including postings on social media, via the contact details on their website.

vowel sounds and their meanings (reference p.16)

AEIOU – the 5 primal sounds

A -ahhh

E -ehh

I -iii

O -oh

U -uu

About Sound and Ceremony

Breath Matter Movement (p.2)

Sing a Bowl a Song (p.160)

Creation Story (p.19)

We are like Water (p.57)

Honouring the Seasons (p.57)

Sunlight (p.25)

Look to the Ground (p.6)

Expanding our Capacity (p.55)

Fasting in Ceremony (p.119)

Breaking self-imposed limitations (p.115)

Creating Inspiration (p.19)

Going back to our Originality (p.12, p.60)

Rest and Movement (p.78)

Chanting (p.60)

Sound in our genetic code (p.5)

Message to the Elders (p.256)

numbers 1-10 in Tiwa

one: weh-mu (p.184, p.191)

two: weh-seh (p.185, p.196)

three: pah-chu (p.186, p.199)

four: wiii (p.186, p.202)

five: pah-nu (p.187, p.206)

six: mah-tschlay (p.187, p.209)

seven: cho-oh (p.188, p.212)

eight: wheh-leh (p.189, p.219)

nine: whiii (p.189, p.222)

ten: tehn-ku-teh (p.190, p.126)

Chanting and Drumming

Drumming: the Vowel Song (p.234-251)

Chant for World Peace: Echo Caller (p.236)