Issue 10

cover of issue 10


Expression of Gratitude to Beautiful Painted Arrow written by Kristen Bissinger

Tiwa, a sacred spoken language written by Stella Longland

Two-leggeds Call to the Spirit of World Peace text from a recording by Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow

Messages from the Dance Chiefs of the visionary dances of Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael

Reflections: One Woman of the Sun Moon Dance written by Barbara Vanderhoff

To My Father from Geraldine Rael

Message from the Chief of Beautiful Painted Arrow’s Sun Moon Dance “Completion of My Work” written by Jennie Coles

An Appreciation of the Council of Elders written by Ruth Eichler

Introduction to the Sister Peace Chamber Project written by Rick Cotroneo

A Remembering of Hilde from Lukas Budimir

Entering the Dreaming Time written by Marina and Lukas Budimir

Dreaming Ourselves into New Realities written by Tom Bissinger