Issue 11


Invite to Join the Global Solstice Chanting for Peace from the Rick and Elisa Cotroneo

The Story of the First Chamber from the writings of Joseph Rael

Singing a Chamber: The Eagle’s Nest, Missouri by Jonathan Clay Seeger

Gorslwyd Sound Peace Chamber in West Wales, UK from Jenni Chapter

Earth Harmony: A New Sound and Peace Chamber in Michigan by Michael Northrop

Visit to Sound Water, our Sister Peace Chamber, in Scotland from Felicity and Andrew Macdonald

The Alchemy of a Sound Peace Chamber in Bulgaria by Andrew Cowan

Initiating A Peace Chamber: Earth, Spirit of Singing Eyes from the archives of Rick Cotroneo

New Life for an ‘Elder’ Chamber by Paul McMahon

New Guardian, New Name: SoulFire Sanctuary from Stella Longland

The Bolivian Sacha Runa Chamber and the Condor and Eagle Prophecy by Miguel Kavlin

Crystals on a Journey by Lukas Budimir

On Leaving the Skye Chamber by Ocean Graham

The Alpha and Omega of a Chamber by Junitta Vallak

An Impromptu Chamber by Marina Budimir

Announcing New Publications from Millichap Books