Issue 27


Join the Peace Chamber Community in 24- Hours of Solstice Peace Chanting an invite

Continuing Ceremony for Peace organised by the Sound Peace Chamber Communities

Sharings from the 10th Gathering of Peace Chambers, September 2022

hosted by the Rainbow’s End Community in Southern California from Jane Innmon and Valerie Eagle Heart

Joseph’s Message to the 10th Gathering and to Us All from notes taken during a phone call

The Sounds of Light at the Rainbow’s End Gathering from Colleen Paraboschi

The Fire Creator, Insights and an Invitation by Jennifer Lipski

Our Dances are Being in Vibration

Reflections on This Year’s Sun-Moon Dance at Birdsong from Ben Jezierski

Sacred Plants for Ceremony, White Sage and Sweetgrass from Stella Longland

Drum Dance at Center for Peace in Tennessee from Brenda Sue Whitmire

News from Our Vision Dance Guardian, Geraldine Rael

Stories of Thundersong Chamber, Gold Hill, Colorado, part 4 from Jeff Combelic

Listen a poem by Emily Kedar

A Tribute to Nick Hurn from the Dance and Chamber Family in the UK

27 Feather Blessings from our Seeds of Peace newsletter