Issue 28


Extracts from Sounds for the World Part1 from an audio recording of Joseph Rael

A Message for 2023 from Our Vision Dance Guardian, Geraldine Rael

A Brief History of a Chamber Lineage from Ruth Eichler

Earth Harmony Chamber in Michigan, a Building in Progress from Michael Northrop

Sharings from the 24-Hours of Solstice Chanting for Peace from participating Chanters

My Response to the Chanting from Sandra Mennella, in Vermont

An Instance of Tri-location, from Stella Longland in Scotland

Turn, a poem from Robin Buckalew, in Virginia

Solstice Experience at the Dodecagon, from Lisamarie Coyote Windwalker, in Colorado

Chanting Out of Doors from Leigh Sager, presently resident in England

Why do we only Rest in Peace? Why don’t we Live in Peace too? from Lukas Budimir

Sacred Plants for Ceremony, Sagebrush and Cedar Smudge from Stella Longland

Stories of Thundersong Chamber, Gold Hill, Colorado, part 5 from Jeff Combelic

The Chamber at No Name historic photos and text from Junitta Vallak

Behind the Physical Sun a visionary artwork by Joseph Rael