Issue 18


Helpers on the Path to Pah-nu by Lukas Budimir and Stella Longland

The Origin of Language text from Joseph Rael

Postponement of the 10th Gathering from Valerie Eagle Heart Meyer

A Healing Dance for All Creation by Hollis Payer

A Release from Lockdown Long Dance by John Wilson

Henry Rowan, a Dancing Star a man of legend

Why Do We Build Chambers to Honor the Oval Shape? by Joseph Rael

Beautiful Painted Arrow by Laura Munoz-Larbig

Of Summer Light from the Peace Group

A Summer Blessing from the Monthly Message

Joking Aside! newspaper cutting

Dad’s Words to a Grieving Daughter from Geraldine Rael

The Passing of Two Elders in recognition of their contributions

Expanding the Austrian Connection from Lukas Budimir

Opportunities to Participate in a New Website by Geraldine Rael

News of an Interview