Ceremonies of Love and Peace

Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael, initiated the building of Sound Peace Chambers in 1984. When we chant, as Joseph teaches in his books, we fill our Chambers with loving light which flows out and connects to all the other Chambers around the Planet, carrying and amplifying the sound of harmony. If you do not have access to a Chamber building, your body will be the sound chamber adding your vibration to the ongoing quest for a peaceful human world.

The pdf downloads on this page contain Ceremonies for Sound Peace Chamber communities and individual Chanters to access in times of need.

First held in March 2022, this ceremony is ongoing:

This meditation is given in Being and Vibration: Entering the New World by Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael:

Joseph writes: ‘If there are places in the world which are currently experiencing painful disharmony, about which you are particularly concerned, think of them specifically when the green light falls on that part of the planet. This also includes countries and cities which have had natural disasters as well as political ones. This meditation may be done daily if you wish, and for as long as you like. The important thing is to do it! Our Mother needs our loving attention.’

This is a transcript of a prayer spoken by Joseph Rael, reading it out loud is recommended.