Issue 19


Launch of the Website for Furthering the Dance Visions of my Father from Geraldine Rael, Eldest Daughter

Yes’s and No’s, a Journey into Spiritual Practice and the Chu Cho Cha a Nay Chamber by Kristen Bissinger

2020 Dance at the House of Mica Peace Chamber: A Soul Assignment for Our Community by Rick Cotroneo

Solstice Peace Chant: Listen Carefully from the Cosmic Heart an invite from the House of Mica community

Metaphors of Transformation at the Sun Moon Dance near Dresden in Germany by Stella Longland

The Gift of a Chapter from Each of Our Two Co-authored Books from David Kopacz and Joseph Rael

The Brazilian socially distanced Drum Dance from Felicity Macdonald

A Prehistoric Riddle solved! which came first………?

Blessings from Joseph on a visit to Wales by John Wilson

An Appreciation of the Work of Felicity Macdonald from a longstanding supporter