Selections from Issues 1-9

The following articles are extracts from early Issues of the Seeds of Peace newsletter which began in 2015.

Sun Moon Dance, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2016 by Andrew Macdonald

Those Dancing Feet by Ruth Eichler, custodian of the Earthsong Chamber, Michigan

Dancing with Joseph by Marina Budimir

The Sacred Act of Walking, by Rick Cotroneo – House of Mica Peace Chamber – NY, USA

The 9th International Peace Chamber Gathering, April 2017 – by chamber keepers Jane Innmon and Kristen Bissinger – held at Sweet Beautiful Waters Chamber, AZ, USA

Metaphors of the Cave of Clay Peace Chamber in Scotland – by caretaker Stella Longland

Water Blessing Tree Ceremony, shared by Kristen Bissinger, Birdsong Peace Chamber – PA, USA

Creating Peace Shrines in the Environs of a Chamber, by Tom Bissinger – Birdsong Peace Chamber – PA, USA

Once upon a time…. or how I met Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, and experienced a Long Dance, by Lukas Budimir, from Germany