Issue 24

Parallel Realities from Joseph Rael
Becoming Who You Are: Beautiful Painted Arrow’s Life & Lessons for Children ages 10-100 a new book from Joseph Rael and David Kopacz
Remember to Remember the Newsletter Website from the editors
Feedback from the Winter Solstice Peace Chanters
Stories of Thundersong Chamber part 1 from Jeff Combelic
On the Necessary Unexpected from Joseph Rael
Unexpected Visitors to the Chamber from Tom Bissinger
Chanting in the Cave of Clay from Stella Longland
10th Gathering of Peace Chambers 2022 from Valerie Eagle Heart Meyer
Australia Gathering 1999, Healing with Sound, and the Fire Ceremony from Stella Longland
Joseph Talks at the Chamber Congress, North Carolina, 2003 from Tom Bissinger
Number 7 in The Way of Inspiration from Joseph Rael