Issue 21


The Teachings of Benito Rael and Carla Jo Rael-Robinson recalled by Lukas Budimir

On Musical Scores a request from a reader

Greetings and Blessings for Images of Healing! from David R. Kopacz

Report on the Dance Community Zoom Meetings written by Stella Longland

Advancements in Technology from two friends talking

Sharing Joseph’s Visions written by Lindsley Field

Celebrating Ula Rae Mynatt, One of Our Elder Elders from Steve Citty

To Give is to Receive from the writings of Joseph Rael

Stories from the Planting of the Visions of Beautiful Painted Arrow in Europe from Lisa Malin

Little Flames of Life Chamber History from the Caretakers

The Changing Forms of the Long Dance put together by Stella Longland

A Message from Mysterious Circles as previous

Become a Granule of Sand a recommendation before chanting from Grandfather Joseph

Receiving and Giving from the writings of Joseph Rael