Issue 26


The Metaphor of the Moon Song from words spoken by Joseph Rael

A Blessing Ceremony for Your Self given by Sun Moon Dance Chief Benito Rael

Our Dances Spring Back into Being Vibration in 2022

Three Appreciations from the Long Dance in Bolivia from participants

Black Light from the writings of Joseph Rael

Listening with my Heart and Soul from Rebecca Howell, Sun Moon Dance, Arizona

Dancing my Dance, a Sun Moon Cycle from Marina Budimir, Sun Moon Dance, Colorado

The Dark Light and the White Light from the writings of Joseph Rael

The Drum Dance at Birdsong in Pennsylvania by Lindsley Field

The Sacred Drum Dance from Holly Lynn Troupe

Invitation to the 10th Gathering of Peace Chambers from Rainbow’s End, California

Peace-Sound-Chamber to be built in Zagreb, Croatia, Europe from Lukas Budimir

Stories of Thundersong Chamber, Gold Hill, Colorado, part 3 from Jeff Combelic

Comedy Spot: Thoughts of a Navel Gazer by one

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