Issue 20


A Thank You from the editors

Have you visited the website yet? from the administrator Coco Bastien

A Christmas Meeting from Lukas and Marina Budimir

Little Flames of Life Chamber Activation from the Community in N. Germany

Embraced by a Rainbow, Kissed by the Rain a poem by Sue Green

Feedback from the 2020 Winter Solstice Chanting collected by the House of Mica

Keep on Chanting in 2021 put together by the Cave of Clay Chamber caretaker

Why Chanting Works from the 2005 Congress of Peace Chambers

Listen to the Sounds chanted by Joseph, Beautiful Painted Arrow from various sources

Two Chants by Beautiful Painted Arrow in 1997 found among the papers of a Chamber keeper

A Chanting Exercise for Harmony taught by Alexander Heybroek

A Note About the Postponed Gathering from Rainbow’s End, California

Beautiful Painted Arrow’s Journeys in Europe compiled by Annapadma Marquardsen

Sound, Native Teachings and Visionary Art, by Joseph Rael softcover reprint available now

A Teaching to Ponder from Joseph Rael

A New Year Message from Geraldine Rael, Eldest Daughter